About Hollis the Non-Profit

Hollis Renewal Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Kansas Corporation owned by congregations who choose

to be partners of the corporation.  Hollis is also a checked-marked organization with Donor Edge.

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Established in Bonner Springs in 1988, ​Hollis Renewal Center is a Christian retreat center dedicated to offering hospitality to all.
During this unprecedented time in history, we will continue to open our gates to all who are seeking rest and peace. 
All of our spaces are open and ready for use by those in need of rest and retreat.

Orange cones and barrels are the universal signs of impending construction. 
At times it seems repair work is never ending and inevitably occurs in places you need and want to go! 
In reality, there is a simple reason for this, wear and tear is caused by time and travel when thousands of cars use
the same path over and over again. The roads less traveled are frequently in pretty good shape.

We have a similar problem here at Hollis. 
Even though philosophically Hollis is the “the road less traveled”, over 6,000 vehicles per year traverse our road. 

Traffic, weather and time has taken its toll,
and 10 years after completely repaving it, our welcome mat needs a facelift. 

Every year, more and more people find Hollis, and we are thrilled about this. 
Extending intentional Christian hospitality to all is our mission, passion and purpose, and that welcome begins when they leave the narrow, pothole filled Kansas Avenue and descend down the smooth tree lined Hollis hill.
As good stewards, we must tackle this maintenance issue now, as opposed to waiting till
expensive, complete replacement is needed. 

Complete replacement of the Hollis Road is NOT needed,
but we must resurface and seal the road to guarantee it is safe and welcoming for the coming years of use.

So today, we humbly request you consider a gift to help pave the way into our future.
Gifts received by December 31, 2023 will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000
by the Robert Hollis Memorial Trust.

Thank you for your consideration.  We hope to see you and yours at Hollis soon.