Every Thursday (and many Saturdays) for the past 6 months, a dedicated team of Hollis Volunteers have
been constructing board by board, 3 new Tiny Cabins.
Your gift is needed to complete this labor of hospitality.

In addition to housing our Hollis Crossings Summer Day Camp Counselors, these cabins double our overnight retreat space providing valuable time away and enable  us towelcome groups and families we have previously had to turn away.

Your gift will ensure we complete cabin construction in time to house
Counselors serving our 3 Sessions of Hollis Crossings Summer Day Camp, starting June 2020.  

Your help is needed, welcomed and appreciated. 

This time of year and always, there are many places you can offer your time and resources. 
​Thanks for considering ours. 

You never know when creating a pause for families can be just the cause they need to be at their very best.
On behalf of those who enjoy Hollis, as well as the many more who now can, thank you.

Families need rest.    Families need time.     Families need a space where they can pause.
And families need an affordable, inspirational place where they can reconnect.
Hollis is dedicated to creating time and space away from our frantic pace.
You can help.   

Click here to help us complete the Tiny Cabin Project