Hillside Chapel


The Hollis Outdoor Labyrinth is a pattern which creates a sacred space. The labyrinth is an ancient tool for reflection on 
one's life and one spiritual journey. Walking the labyrinth is 'experiential spirituality' and symbolizes our journey ‘to and from God'.
​Read more about the Labyrinth here.

Geocaching is an any day, any time kind of adventure that can take you to amazing places. Developed by an Eagle Scout, Hollis has 3 hidden boxes for geocache enthusiasts. You may checkout the geocache navigational GPS unit from the Welcome Center for free. 
The Welcome Center is filled with an assortment of books, activities and resources available
to all guests at Hollis. Feel free to stop by and peruse. Developed by an Eagle Scout, we have a “team building” activity box
​for groups to check out, and use during their stay here at Hollis.

Disc Golf
Our Prayer Labyrinth is part of an international registry of Labyrinths.
Click here to learn about other labyrinths around the world.​

Find out more about the Hollis Labyrinth design and history.
If you have specific questions about using the Labyrinth, please do not hesitate to contact the Hollis staff!

We can provide an hour long information session on Labyrinth history and use for your group.

Over 5 miles of marked trails offer unstructured opportunities to come face to face with nature.
Listen for the sound of bluebirds near the meadow or relax and contemplate God's work in a marshy space
on an observation platform. Whether hiking the hills or in the high meadow,
​there are many encounters with God's creation waiting to surprise you. 

Click here to see the Hollis Trail Map.
Interested in becoming part of the Trail Team to help maintain our trail system?

Resource Library
Sand Volleyball Court

Hillside Chapel

Hiking Trails
The Hillside Chapel includes an altar, benches, fire ring, and a cross high in the trees. It is a fine setting for an outdoor worship service!  Seating available for up to 80 guests. Access to the chapel is via the Trail system and is not ADA accessible.
Disc Golf is very similar to traditional golf except instead of a ball and a hole you have discs and a basket. The goal of disc golf is to get the disc to land in the disc catching basket. Each basket is played as a par 3 (three throws per basket). 
The player with the least amount of throws and lowest score is the winner.
You'll find Hollis has set up 5 disc golf cages in the meadow for you to use while on site.
Disc Golf is free and discs are available to check out in the Welcome Center.

Situated down the hill from the Welcome Center,
our sand volley ball court invites guests to spend the afternoon in play.

Outdoor Prayer Labyrinth

International Registry of Labyrinths

Shared Spaces

Geocaching & Bird Watching

Hiking Trails

Disc Golf

Sand Volleyball Court

Resource Library & Team Building

Shared Spaces

We are all part of the Hollis community, whether you are here for an afternoon birthday party or for an extended
stay at the Hideaway. While you are here, we invite you ​to explore our shared spaces
​and activities we have here on site.
Our space is your space.

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Prayer Labyrinth

Hollis is home to a wide variety of bird life, and a great place to practice ornithology. 
Hollis is home to Woodpeckers, Blue Birds and more. Click here to find out more information.