Be Clear About the Purpose

Hollis offers two unique places for individual retreats, the Hideawayand the Meadow Cottage. 
Traditionally, the concept of taking a retreat is to remove yourself
from your daily assigned roles in order to take time to reflect about life, faith, relationships, or work.

Creating a Positive Experience


Walk Our Labyrinth

After the Retreat

Bring Good Food, a Book ...

After the retreat, you return to your daily roles refreshed with renewed energy or perspective.
Jesus took retreats (Luke 5:16) or was forced to take them (Mark 1:12) and set a precedence for others
​to spend sacred time away, ​allowing God to speak during the time of the retreat.

Individual Retreat

Walk our Labyrinth as a tool for prayer/meditation. When you arrive, take a nap.
Our culture tends to be overly tired. We need the rest in order to begin the “work” of the retreat.
​Bring bug spray and make sure and do “tick checks” after exploring the woods.​

Individual Retreat

Bring good, simple food.  Both buildings have complete kitchens, but try not to spend a lot of time cooking.
Bring a good book, though there is interesting reading material around Hollis.

Bring good walking shoes, the Hollis trails are rocky and steep in places.

Be clear about the purpose of your retreat (get work done, rest, cleanse, silence, pray, etc).
Pack clothes for the weather. If possible, turn off your cell phone.

While each person has their own preferences, ​here are a few tips for creating a positive experience.