Hollis Renewal Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Kansas Corporation owned by congregations who choose

to be partners of the corporation.  Hollis is also a checked-marked organization with Donor Edge.

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COVID-19  Impact on Facility Use

​​ Simply put, we have lost 40% of our revenue as a result of COVID-19. 
We could use your help to keep  our gate open,  and our facility open and maintained in the future.  
Hollis provides affordable retreat space and offers Christian hospitality to all because of generous donations from people like you. 
Help us continue to welcome those in need.   Thank you for your consideration.

Giving is easy, donate through PayPal by clicking the donate button above.

Why we need your help.

Help Hollis today, so Hollis can help others tomorrow.

Established in Bonner Springs in 1988, ​Hollis Renewal Center is a Christian retreat center dedicated to offering hospitality to all.
During this unprecedented time in history, we will continue to open our gates to all who are seeking rest and peace. 
All of our spaces are open and ready for use by those in need of rest and retreat.
**Updated 10.14.2020**

Hollis & COVID-19 

About Hollis the Non-Profit