Hollis Renewal Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Kansas Corporation owned by congregations who choose

to be partners of the corporation.  Hollis is also a checked-marked organization with Donor Edge.

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Established in Bonner Springs in 1988, ​Hollis Renewal Center is a Christian retreat center dedicated to offering hospitality to all.
During this unprecedented time in history, we will continue to open our gates to all who are seeking rest and peace. 
All of our spaces are open and ready for use by those in need of rest and retreat.
**Updated 10.14.2020**

About Hollis the Non-Profit

Society preaches self care but very rarely is anything tangible provided that can make a real impact. 

Hollis wants to change that.

Hollis provides a welcoming environment and experience for groups and individuals seeking spiritual growth and renewal. However, those who take retreats are often already aware of Hollis and cognizant of their need to get away.  Often times those in need of a physical, mental and emotional break are the caregivers; who are unaware of available resources or do not consider devoting time to self care.

We established the HOLLIS COMMUNITY CAREGIVER SCHOLARSHIP FUND to reach those who serve our community via YOU.

What does that mean? 
It means Hollis is committed to giving away overnight retreats to servants who are in need of time and space apart.
But we don’t know WHO needs this space.  YOU DO.

Thus, we are challenging the Hollis community to do two things

1. Identify and nominate a person in need of time and space apart
2. Donate today to help Hollis welcome  Community Caregivers

Your support will enable us to reach a community of people who historically are the caregivers…
​or possibly the Martha’s among us, so busy serving they forget Jesus also calls them to sit, reflect and listen.

As we embark on giving away retreats, your gifts will replenish our coffers so we can continue to provide time and space apart for those in need,
​and your nomination will enable us to broaden the reach of our ministry of hospitality. 

Thank you for your unwavering support.  Hollis continues to be relevant and sustained because of you.

Why we need your help.