Dave Mareske - Executive Director

Dave is responsible for overseeing the vision and direction of Hollis Renewal Center.

He manages the day-to-day operations of the center and travels frequently to promote Hollis within the extended community.
 He and his family live at the center.  

Dave cherishes welcoming the next guest to Hollis, believing they bring something to the table that helps complete our space that we hold together.  By encouraging the guest to set the table for the next, Hollis creates a cycle of community care-taking for Hollis and beyond. 
This vision creates a space where all people can find place to pause from their daily grind, invite nature, friends, family
and God into that pause to create a place for retreat, rest and renewal.

Erin Tieman - Office Manager

Erin specializes event coordination, communication and social media.

Dave Lawrence - Grounds Keeper

Dave oversees our grounds keeping and maintenance.

Paula Kitt - President

Fundraising Consultant, Retired
"Time spent outdoors is vital to good health--physical, emotional, and spiritual. For many years, I’ve experienced and witnessed how Hollis builds healthy relationship between people and with God’s natural world. I am proud to support this place where all are welcomed. "

Rev. Peter Rehwaldt - Vice President 
Interim Pastor, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA)
"​I see the world differently each time I am at Hollis (I'm surprised by God!); sometimes this happens through the site itself
(what I see on the trails, cozy fire in the fireplace in the winter, etc.), other times this happens through the event that brings me to Hollis,
and still other times it is my interactions with others (the people and relationships)."

Dave Lind - Secretary
Chief Operating Officer, Gilmore & Bell, P.C.
" I have always felt a warm, friendly, spiritual and hospitable environment at Hollis, from my first visits many years ago to present day. My hope and passion is to serve so as to maximize the opportunity for numerous others to experience those same feelings through all that God is sharing with us in this natural retreat setting. "

Marianne Hunerdosse - Treasurer
Nazdar, Corporate Accountant

"My "why" is I want to help others by using my own talents to serve, as we can provide a peaceful place to gather, reflect and emotionally heal."

​Tina Boutelle
Kansas City Steak Co., Customer Service Manager
"I have always been passionate about outdoor ministries, and Hollis provides the opportunity for everyone, at any age,
to experience the joy and peace that comes with experiencing all God has to offer"

Susan Kaldahl

Music Educator, Retired
"WHY HOLLIS?  A local space to experience the peace, and beauty God has created in nature. 

Where we encourage kids to come  share God's natural creation, especially with kids whose life situation has not exposed them to this nature creation."

Marty Taylor

Triangle Sales, Vice President/Owner

"Why Hollis….better question is why not…Christian hospitality at its finest in a remote and secluded corner of the metro area where young and
old can unplug and relax while enjoying the surprises Mother Nature has to offer."

​Sonja Ambur
Human Resources Consultant, Support KC
Hollis is a beautiful place for refuge, reflection and restoration; and I want to do my part to preserve and enhance this space for our community. Here you can be still and draw closer to God - and be inspired to share the peace and hospitality you experience with others while here and when you return home.

Craig Dickerson
Project Manager
I found Hollis by happenstance, or more likely God's will, through Scouting when we brought a young group of Cub Scouts and their families to the property to camp.  Seeing kids so energetic and engaged in the outdoors was so fulfilling and speaks to the mission of Hollis for spiritual growth and renewal.  Hollis provides this opportunity for kids, and adults alike, and I am honored to have a small part in supporting their mission.

Lori Houston
Billing Coordinator/Admin Asst @ Fagan Company
I want to be a part of Hollis hospitality, giving the opportunity for other young families to enjoy the grounds at Hollis and

grow up respectfully appreciating nature and the idea of having a retreat.

I want other families to learn that you don't have to travel hundreds of miles away, spend lots of money or buy lots of things you don't need. 
What you DO need is long quiet walks, swinging bridges, awesome sunsets, deer eating out of the bird feeder as you sit enjoying a big breakfast on a Sunday morning, hawks flying above the Labyrinth at sunset, watching a groundhog waddle across the road, hearing what deer & squirrel sound like at night, and watching your family playing cards at the kitchen table when at home, when you don't even own a deck of cards at home.

Our Board of Directors

The board of directors defines the vision and direction of Hollis Renewal Center. 
Directors of the Board are elected by partner congregations at an annual meeting each year.
​Directors serve three year terms, which are renewable. Positions are voluntary.

Board of Directors

Directors & Staff