All ages are welcome and many of the jobs around Hollis can be done by any age.

Scout groups tend to be our biggest volunteer pool, but many families have taken to adopting a volunteer project together.

If you are National Honor Society student (or a member of some other civic organization) needing to fulfill volunteer hours,

Hollis can help, and you can help Hollis. Contact for current opportunities.

Looking for Group Service Opportunities?

Eagle Scout Projects

Thursday Volunteers


Many groups that use us for a retreat schedule time while at Hollis for a service project. 

The staff is happy to work with the group leader in selecting a project

and making sure everyone has a good volunteer experience.

Contact our office to discuss current service opportunities. 913-441-0451 or

Why Hollis?

In-Kind Donations

Youth Volunteer Opportunities – Need Community Service Hours?


The Thursday Volunteer crew meets every week as a vital part of the Hollis Community.
 This team works on maintenance and capital improvements at Hollis.

The team shares a mid-day meal for relaxation and shared fellowship. 
Bring a hardy work spirit and appetite, and the rest will be provided.

Each year Hollis Volunteers log over 6,000 hours of work. Hollis simply couldn’t function without them. 
All ages are welcome. We have opportunities for both the young and the young at heart.
​Fill out the interest form to let us know how you would like to help!

We are always in need of supplies, and very  appreciate your donations.

If you have items you would like to give to Hollis, please contact Dave Mareske, Executive Director of Hollis.

Hollis is a perfect place to do your Eagle Scout project.  Over 50 Eagle Scouts have made an impact on Hollis,

continuing to make it better for the next person.  For a current list of projects, please contact the director