OCTOBER 2, 2018


​​9:30 AM - 2 PM |  Hollis Lodge

Hollis welcomes Tracy Radosevic for a special learning event

Cost: $50 (includes lunch) 

This event is co-sponsored by Hollis and the
ELCA Central States Mission Endowment Fund.

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 Space is limited to 35 attendees. 

Offering Christian hospitality in this space since 1988.

Use in preaching, teaching and congregational life.

Dr. Tracy Radosevic, is currently Adjunct Professor at the Ecumenical Institute of Theology in Baltimore, MD. Visit tracyrad.com for more information about Dr. Tracy Radosevic.

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Tracy says about herself, “Believing that narrative is the glue that holds life together, I have dedicated my adult years to better understanding the components of Story, the various methods by which it can be communicated, and how best to teach others to utilize its power to enhance their own life experiences.

As a  Christian, I’m particularly interested in the incarnational aspect of the embodied Living Word and how entering into a deep relationship with the sacred texts can result in spiritual transformation.
​This phenomenon is particularly crucial in a digital age where “seeing the picture” and communicating in

a multi-sensory, visceral, relational way is not only essential, it’s formational.”

Tracy is a featured speaker across the country, author of many articles and produces a monthly podcast,
Faith in Focus: movies that people of faith should see.


New this year, we are introducing Education Events to the Hollis event schedule.
As we cultivate new paths for the growth of Hollis, we have determined our mission is to not only provide space for retreat and renewal, but also to partner with people & organizations which serve our community.